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Adventures in QA: Chapter 6: Work-related Microaggressions

So at work I am on a team where we have a lot of disciplines represented. There’s design and art and production and test and whatnot. It’s pretty cool. We are all considered experts in our field and the team works together because everyone brings their mad skillz to the table as it were.

Or so I thought. So, we’ve had a few issues with one of our tools lately and our investigations haven’t brought about any answers. We referred it to an engineer outside our team who gave us an explanation about it. Unfortunately, that explanation was wrong. Continue reading

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Adventures in QA: Prologue

This is a new series I’m starting, and it is basically what it sounds like it’s about. I’m going to explore the world of gaming gruntwork by being a QA minion. I think the official title is “QA Engineer” but whatever, I’m not naive enough to think I’m engineering anything.

As a bit of background, I’ve been interested in video games since literally the age of 3, when we got an Apple IIe and I played Pacman on it for hours. Soon, I was better than my parents. But while I’ve been playing games for over 30 years now, I’ve not actually (technically) been part of the videogame industry. Sure, I’ve written about it and I know people in it and whatnot, but I’ve never actually been part of the industry myself. So when I found an ad for game testing, I thought it’d be a reasonable place to start. Why not, I mean? What could possibly go wrong? Continue reading