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Shiny! Here is the test footage for the upcoming Firefly video game

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Take me out, to the Black...

Take me out, to the Black…

It’s been over ten years since that little gem of a show Firefly came to an abrupt end on television, and given its place in geekdom it’s surprising nobody’s made a video game about it yet… until now.

At New York Comic Con last week, game developer QmX released the following environmental footage for the game:

QmX notes that the walkthrough demo “should give a sense for the level of detail Firefly Online will offer in both encounter maps and player avatars.”

Dubbed Firefly Online, the game is a procedually-generated sandboxer. Here’s the information from the official website:

In Firefly Online, you begin the game as a male or female captain designed and named by you. You are accompanied by your first crewmember, also of your design. Once your captain and first officer are ready, you’ll head out into the Black and find a crew to share your adventures as you explore the ‘Verse (a star cluster of over 200 terraformed worlds where Firefly takes place.)

While you have your own crew, you still have to lead them. According to QmX, you crew will learn. So if, for example, you’re not a terribly nice leader, they’ll be disinclined to stick around. Presumably, this makes missions harder, so there’s an element of people management built into the game.

Combat in Firefly Online

Combat in Firefly Online

However, it’s not a Firefly game if there’s no combat. After all, what’s Vera for? Combat is turn-based, and as captain you control your entire crew by directing them to cover and having them work strategically to defeat your enemies. At the end of combat, there’s of course the looting. Loot can be used, sold or parted out for materials to make your own custom-built weapons and trade goods.

The game is currently slated to be released in the spring of 2015.
Edit: Here‘s an amazing list of some of the Chinese swear words used in the TV show. In the show the characters’ accents were so bad that you could barely make out what they were saying, so this list ought to clear things up. Of course, it’s a literal translation, so if you said this to a Chinese person it would just sound nonsensical.

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