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Cassius #3 Kickstarter is now live!

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Prima (L) and Junia

Guess who’s back, back again? Some of my favorite queer lady comic characters are back! Tell your friends!

(With apologies to Eminem, but really, tell your friends.)

I’ve written about Cassius and its creative team before, and it has been a long while since Issue 2 was out, so here’s an update: the Kickstarter for Issue 3 was launched last week (very aptly on the Ides of March)! Check it out here!

I absolutely LOVED the first two issues (reviews here and here). For those of you who haven’t read them, Cassius is the story of Junia, a smart Roman woman of color who inherits the mysterious mark of Cassius from her mentor at the beginning of Issue 1. Forced to flee when she is hunted by a shadowy cabal, she has to find out who her friends and allies are, and what devious machinations are at play to stop her from fulfilling her destiny. Rounding out the cast are a veritable range of diverse characters, with LGBT and genderqueer soldiers, people of color and size, and a whole lot of diversity abounding out of every page. Even if you’re not into Shakespeare–from which Cassius gets its inspiration–this story has evolved so much from its source material that it should really be regarded in its own right.

This time around, it’ll be Emily Willis, Ann Uland and Cat Batka on the creative team again, so we should be able to expect more of the high level of awesomeness, representation and swashbuckling storytelling that the first two issues had. One thing I noticed is that there’s a new character on the cover for Issue 3. Who is it?

With over three weeks to go, Uland, Willis and Batka are already over 3/4 of the way to their funding goal, which should tell you soindicates how promising it is. That said, if you donate enough you can get yourself written into the comic (with lines, even)! How do you think you’d fare as a Roman soldier? You’ll have to donate $250 to find out.


Oh, if only I could be as amazing as Albia. ❤

The Cassius Issue 3 Kickstarter runs until April 13. Check it out sooner rather than later!

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