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The (Social) Justice League


Amongst the hostility of current Gamergate debacle, there have been positive, creative and humorous responses. The Doubleclicks, for example, offered internet trolls their own love song. Nonadecimal developed asatirical battle game about arguing online. And this year, Sarah “Chip” Nixon brought 150 sets of social justice class buttons with her to GeekGirlCon. Continue reading

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Social Justice Class Pins available this weekend at GeekGirlCon

Social justice pins

One thing I still don’t understand about the whole Gamergate/gaming and gender debacle is why “Social Justice Warrior” was seen to be an offensive term. I mean, surely valuing diversity, promoting human rights and equality, and working to eliminate oppression and discrimination are good things, right? (Outside the context of the gaming community–for example, if we were working to eliminate racism or promote education for women–that seems to be a no-brainer.)

But, as The Mary Sue suggests, the problem isn’t that it’s offensive because it’s about social justice. It’s offensive because not all of us play warriors! It’s unfair and inappropriate to tar everyone with the same brush, as it were. But have no fear, Sarah “Chip” Nixon, aka @Chiparoo, has a solution for that. Look at that amazing set of buttons!

The buttons will be available for $2 each, or $10 for the whole set, at Seattle’s GeekGirlCon this weekend.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, all proceeds from the sales will go to Planned Parenthood, so you can get your social justice on while also supporting an organization that promotes women’s rights and autonomy.

Can’t make it to GeekGirlCon? Nixon’s working to make these available for purchase online. However, she notes that she’s not planning to profit from them, so Kickstarter won’t be suitable.

Update: here are some of the ACTUAL BUTTONS that will be at GGC!

Via @Chiparoo

Update (Saturday): as of 2:14pm Nixon had sold out of sets of buttons. Apparently the most popular class was social justice wizard! However, never fear, she will be back tomorrow with more.


Nixon with what’s left of her buttons on Saturday