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Play 900+ free old-school games in your browser!

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Old school gamers! This one is for you. Remember those games that required a ton of quarters (or tokens, if you were at one of those pizza places)? I think later, some of these were on Commodore 56 as well. But if you’re hankering for some old school nostalgia, hanker no more. qbert

Behold, the Internet Arcade.

Jason Scott and JavaScript Mess have created a repository of many of our favorites by porting them into a playable online version. With over 900 (yes, NINE HUNDRED) games to pick from, it’s not hard to find some old favorites (hello Frogger, Bomb Jack, Pac Man!) and maybe discover some new ones you missed the first time around.



You can play these straight out of your web browser. Pick a game and hit “run” for the emulator. Since most of these are based on coin-operated arcade games, you’ll need to deposit coins for players 1 and 2, and you do that by pressing the 5 and 6 keys respectively. 1 and 2 are your player one and two start buttons. Otherwise, controls are usually arrow keys and the space bar, with Ctrl and Alt if the game requires extra buttons.

That said, note that some of the controls are a bit weird, as the Arcade is porting games with joypad, button, keyboard and other types of input, so some of the controls might not be as intuitive as you remember, but it is still makes an extremely fun walk down memory lane.

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