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Iron Sky: The Coming Race trailer

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What’s better (or worse) than Nazis on the moon?

How about Nazis riding dinosaurs at the center of the Earth?

Maybe zombie Nazis riding dinosaurs?

Maybe zombie Nazis riding dinosaurs?

Yep. The team that brought you Iron Sky in 2012 are launched a new crowdfunding campaign today to make a sequel, which is available on Indiegogo.There are a variety of tiers of contribution, with $10,000 buying you the title of Associate Producer.

The target for the first round is $500,000 and will close December 20. After that, a further $10 million is to be raised from online backers, and the remaining $15 million will be financed by sources in Germany and the Nordic territories.

The Iron Sky brand is also considerably expansive, as producers also sold shares online to Iron Sky Universe earlier this year. The investment raised about $200,000 in 24 hours, which the producers will use to expand the Iron Sky franchise to include a video game and TV series.

Watch the trailer below:

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